Bring the power of to Google Apps

CloudFactor connects with Gmail and Google Calendar, to provide users with the right information, in the right place, at the right time. By making it easier to access and manage relevant customer information, CloudFactor helps boost user productivity and improve customer intelligence.

  • Access and Update Salesforce without leaving Gmail
  • Save Emails back to Salesforce
  • Create Cases, Contacts, Events, Leads, and Tasks
  • Collaborate with Chatter
  • Centralized Setup means users never have to install browser plugins


Connecting important information about your customers with the interactions you have with them in email and calendar helps you save time and improve your focus.

  • Create or Update Salesforce CRM info, without having to switch between systems.
  • View the CRM info you want to see, right in your Gmail inbox, without having to spend time searching for it.


CloudFactor uses the context of your email and calendar to retrieve relevant Salesforce data and presents it to you in Gmail and Google Calendar, while you are working.

  • Always have the right Salesforce info about the Leads and Contacts you’re interacting with.
  • See the latest Chatter Updates, Your Last Interactions, Open Opportunities, Support Cases, and Account Info.


Improve your data quality with easy access to update and add Salesforce CRM information from Gmail and Google Calendar.

  • Keep Contact and Lead details up to date as you learn about changes in your email.
  • Capture the outcome of important customer interactions, by recording tasks/emails, and posting Chatter updates to give the entire organization better visibility into the sales cycle.


Leverage the power of your internal community, and be aware of what customers are saying by using the Salesforce Chatter and Twitter Search CloudFactor Widgets.

  • View and Post to your Chatter feed, and See relevant Chatter Updates about the Contacts and Leads you are working with in Email.
  • Use Salesforce attributes to scan for Tweets related to your customers and prospects using an integrated Twitter Search Widget.